The Only Completely Wireless Temperature Control Zoning System
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Welcome to OneZone

Welcome to OneZone.  Thinking of replacing a thermostat? Our wireless room thermostat system offers heating and cooling zone control solutions for your family or business.  Heat and cool only the rooms you use with our state-of-the-art HVAC solution.

This device lets you set the temperature of each room or area of your home or office to your comfort level!

  • Conserve Energy and Save Money with heat and cool zone control
  • Completely Wireless Room Thermostat
  • Easy Installation
  • No Mess  - Installs without breaking walls and ceilings
  • No need to heat or cool rooms you don’t use with our HVAC zone control solutions
  • No need to go up and down stairs to control your thermostat
  • Fits Almost All Air Conditioning & Heating Systems 
  • 2 Year Guaranteeheat and cool your home with confidence