Great presentation at the ASHRAE Miami Chapter.

ASHRAE-Miami4The October ASHRAE Miami Chapter hosted a very interesting presentation about VRF and Controls. The speaker was Engineer Borja Fernandez from Airzone, our manufacturer and partner in Spain.

Mr. Fernandez explained the advantages of VRF technology, compared with different types of systems, and demonstrated how zoning can improve the efficiency of a VRF installation.

He ended up the presentation comparing a standard VRF installation with that same installation with a zoning control. “The perfect solution is to find the Golden Mean with the state-of-the-art VRF Technology” he stated.


OneZone Single is now selling in Friolin, Panama

Panama-CityWe are happy to announce that OneZone Single is now selling in Friolin, Panama

Friolin Panama is the biggest distributor in Panama with 10 different stores, and 2 more in the way. Founded in 1971, Friolin is a benchmark in the HVAC business in Panama and Central America.

OneZone Single will start with a pilot in 2 stores. We are planning to be in the other 8 stores by the end of the year.

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