OneZone Single

OneZone Single is a zoning system developed for retrofit needs. It is the only zoning system completely wireless (battery-operated).
This unique system consists of a zone motorized wireless damper and a wireless touch thermostat (both battery-operated). OneZone Single lets the user set the temperature of each room or area where it is installed to the comfort level, by letting in cold or hot air when necessary.

The damper goes installed in the air supply right behind the grille with a small receiver coming out. The thermostat goes hanging on the wall close to the grille. When we change the temperature on the thermostat the damper will open or close. If the room temperature changes, the damper will either remain open, or close if necessary.

This application if perfect for guest rooms to stop wasting air there, baby’s rooms to keep them warmer at night, or anyone in the house who needs a different temperature. It also helps to air balance different zones, so if a room gets to cold or too hot, it is a good application for it too.

The 5-min installation makes it a DIY product, where comfort and efficiency can be achieved easily.

It works in every type of Air Conditioner, it comes in 3 different sizes for round ducts: 6, 8 and 10 inches.



The thermostat analyzes the room temperature and adjusts the damper letting in cold or hot air in order to reach the desired temperature. Once the target temperature is reached, the gate closes automatically. This action will redirect that air to the other areas of the house or office. When the temperature changes again, this operation repeats.



OneZone Single installation takes less than 10-minutes

Click here to watch our installation video and instructions .



Each OneZone Single comes in a kit that includes thermostat, damper, and batteries (2 C for the damper, and 2 AAA for the thermostat)

OneZone Single’s damper comes in the 3 most common sizes for round duct: 6’’, 8’’ and 10’’



We have the answers to all your questions Click here for FAQ about OneZone Single