We believe that achieving the right temperature in every zone is possible. We provide tools to solve temperature problems and to improve even the best Air Conditioning Installations.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to break with the central Air Conditioning tradition, giving the chance to have one thermostat per zone, a different temperature per thermostat, and a better Air Conditioning installation.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to develop and supply the most advanced zoning systems to improve personal comfort, quality of life, while increasing energy savings.

Our Goal

It is the Goal of OneZone to become the leadear in the distribution of HVAC zoning systems. Introducing a new concept for zoning, which combines three important features: advanced technology, simple installation, and affordable price. The comfort is higher, the energy consumption is lower.


OneZone first started with OneZone Single, an strategic product that introduced zoning as a new and simple concept.


After the success of OneZone Single, our company decided to introduce a OneZone VRF, which is the only zoning system that works with Inverter Units (VRF & Split). Giving a new tool to users to save more energy, and contractors and developers to reduce their initial and maintenance costs.


Business is growing, OneZone is expanding.  The company will continue working to achieve success.


We released our brand new system for OneZone VRF, which includes a new generation of thermostats, the possibility to control the temperature remotely through our App, and many other interesting features

The Future

Our company is committed to extensive research & development of new products and technologies related to indoor air quality and temperature control systems. We are constantly developing new energy saving devices and energy saving products, in order to surpass customer needs and expectations.