OneZone VRF

OneZone VRF is an integrated zoning system specially designed for Inverter systems, VRF multi and monosplit solutions. The key element behind this integrated zoning solution is the communication gateway. This device manages the communication between the zoning system and the Indoor Unit, increasing both comfort and energy efficiency.
This communication gateway is available for major Air Conditioning manufacturers and allow us to control the indoor unit.

VRF Inverter technology offers high efficiency and increased controllability, by regulating the amount of refrigerant flowing to each Indoor Unit. By integrating this advanced technology with OneZone VRF system, it is possible to simplify it and make it less expensive. The result will be a better installation.

OneZone VRF is the only zoning system that works with Inverter (VRF and split units). Our communication gateway is specifically designed and validated for the main HVAC brands. It controls 3 main parameters according to the status of each zone:

Operation mode, set-point temperature and fan speed, depending on the installation’s demand.

OneZone VRF also improves the installation by allowing commercial installations to connect to BACnet, or use our Webserver to control the thermostats from our App in the case of residential. We are also able to connect to ModBus or any other BMS.

Inverter technology has arrived to stay and there is a way to improve it. Combining OneZone VRF with Inverter (VRF and split units) represents a huge opportunity to decrease the initial and maintenance costs. We make a very efficient technology, even more efficient, and add controllability and elegance.


Communication Gateway

Available for:

  • Daikin
  • Fujitsu
  • Haier
  • Hitachi RPI
  • Hitachi RAD
  • Kaysun
  • LG
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Mitsubishi Heavy
  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
  • Toshiba

We can provide a list of compatible and tested units for every manufacturer listed




The installation is very simple. The integration only requires the connection of two wires. The main board controller will contain the communication gateway and bus type connection for the dampers. It also has a ModBus port for integration with automation systems.

Each board can control up to 10 zones, each zone will have a zone thermostat, which can be wired or wireless.

The wire required has to be 20 AWG shielded twisted pair stranded.
Download installation manual (link) or ask us to schedule an installation Webinar



The OneZone VRF configuration per indoor unit (controlling up to 10 zones) includes the following items:

  • OneZone VRF Main Controller with integrated Communication Gateway One Wired Main Thermostat Blueface.
  • A zone Thermostat for each controlled zone (except for the principal zone which has a Blueface). These zone Controllers can be wired or wireless, or can be a Lite thermostat which only allows to increase or decrease 3 degrees.
  • As many Intelligent round Motorized Dampers as needed. Wired or wi
    eless depending on the user needs. These dampers come in 6’’, 8’’ and 10’’
  • There are optional components such as a relay box to control heating elements, a BACnet gateway, and a module to control individual zones.




Our system could be integrated into any BMS. We have a direct port RS485 for ModBus, and a BACnet plug&play gateway. With these options, OneZone VRF can integrate into any BMS for residential and commercial applications.

We also have a Webserver Ethernet or Cloud to control the thermostats from our App