OneZone VRF

OneZone VRF is an integrated zoning system specially designed for Inverter systems, VRF multi and monosplit solutions. The key element behind this integrated zoning solution is the communication gateway. This device manages the communication between the zoning system and the Indoor Unit, increasing both comfort and energy efficiency.

This communication gateway is available for major Air Conditioning manufacturers and allow us to control the indoor unit.

VRF Inverter technology offers high efficiency and increased controllability, by regulating the amount of refrigerant flowing to each Indoor Unit. By integrating this advanced technology with OneZone VRF system, it is possible to simplify it and make it less expensive. The result will be a better installation.

OneZone VRF is the only zoning system that works with Inverter (VRF and split units). Our communication gateway is specifically designed and validated for the main HVAC brands. It controls 3 main parameters according to the status of each zone: Operation mode, set-point temperature and fan speed, depending on the demand per zone.

What’s new

We have new and improved features for OneZone VRF system

Lutron Gateway

Lutron Gateway: Now, you can connect to Lutron directly. With our dedicated Lutron Gateway Lutron  you can control systems on Airzone systems through the Lutron HomeWorks QS Processor. This gateway will allow to:

o   Reading/Writing of the room temperature.

o   Reading/Writing of the set-point temperature.

o   Reading/Writing of the operating mode.

o   Reading/Writing of the cooling/heating demand.

o   Reading/Writing of the fan speeds.

Wired and wireless control module for individual unit

The wired and wireless module to control individual units allows to control individual units like cassettes, fancoils, mini splits, and integrate them into the zoning system. We can now have one ducted unit serving 3 zones with dampers, and the fourth zone can be a cassette.

The module for controlling individual is powered through system Airzone connection bus. Mounted on DIN rail or on wall.

In this diagram, our board for individual unit, which controls an individual zone as if it was part of the system, same controls, same thermostat, same communication.

WiFi Connection

With our Ethernet and Cloud Webserver, you can now control the system remotely through our App or Web browser. One Webserver can control more than 10 systems, so we can control over 100 zones with this simple, useful device.

The ethernet connects physically to the router, the Cloud connects through Wifi, depending on your internet signal, one will be more suitable than the other.

Google Home and Amazon Alexa

The future is here, now we can control our system through Google Home and Amazon Alexa. This new Airzone Cloud option will allow you to use voice commands to control temperature in different zones.