Does the product come with a guarantee?

OneZone Single comes with a 2 year guarantee against defects.

What comes with every OneZone Single kit?

The OneZone Single kit includes the damper, the thermostat, and the batteries.

Is it noisy?

No, OneZone Single is very quiet.

Is it possible to program the thermostat?

Yes, it is possible to program three time schedules on the thermostat. To create this schedules please follow the instructions shown on the video listed below:

How do I know if I have to change the batteries?

In the damper a small red light located in the IR receiver will blink once in a while. When it starts blinking the user will have at least two weeks to change the batteries. Also, the thermostat will show a low bat icon.

What type of batteries does OneZone Single use?

The damper uses 2 regular C batteries, and the thermostat 2 regular AAA batteries.

How long do the batteries last?

The damper’s batteries last a year. The thermostat’s batteries last 2 years. Approximately.

Why is it energy saving?

With OneZone Single the user will be able to regulate the airflow so the air will go to the areas where it’s needed. The main thermostat will achieve the desired temperature faster and earlier, using less energy.

If my OneZone Single is closed, will the air supply continue flowing?

Yes, even when OneZone Single is completely closed, it will still allow approximately 7% of the normal air supply in order to control humidity and maintain the appropriate minimum temperature.

Does OneZone Single work with either air conditioning or heating?

Yes. The user just needs to select cooling mode or heating mode as desired. The sun icon on the screen refers to Heating Mode, and the Star to Cooling mode.