We have several options to integrate with BMS:

ModBus port RS 485: RS-485, also known as EIA-485, is a communication standard in bus. Each device intended to communicate using Modbus is given a unique address. Master devices send a command in a frame which contains the address of the device or the end-devices (slaves). All devices are sent the frame, but only the recipient interprets and executes the command. Modbus commands contain checksum information, to allow the recipient to detect transmission errors. 

This port is already integrated in our main board, so no extra devide is needed to be purchased. 

Lutron gateway: With our dedicated Lutron Gateway Lutron  you can control systems on Airzone systems through the Lutron HomeWorks QS Processor. This gateway will allow to:

  • Reading/Writing of the room temperature. 
  • Reading/Writing of the set-point temperature. 
  • Reading/Writing of the operating mode. 
  • Reading/Writing of the cooling/heating demand. 
  • Reading/Writing of the fan speeds. 

Lutron manual can be found here 

BACnet gateway: Our BACnet Interface Board allows a Building Management System to control all variables of the Airzone systems. The BACnet interface uses a standard open protocol based on ASHRAE Standard 135, and its objects are compatible with:   BACnet (ANSI /ASHRAE-135) and BACnet/IP (ISO16484-5)

BACnet manual can be found here

Webserver for Wifi Connection: The Cloud Webserver remotely controls the Airzone system through the Airzone Cloud app available for Android and iOS devices and for web browsers. Use your Airzone system with an Android/iOS device through the Airzone Cloud app or through your browser on The Airzone Cloud app is available in Google Play and Apple App Store, to download it.

Control your system remotely or provide access to Building Management to access the zones remotely.
One Webserver can control over 10 systems, so 100 zones can be added to the same user.