OneZone Single

How do the damper and thermostat communicate?

They communicate through an IR signal (no cables needed)

How many OneZone Single units can be installed?

We recommend installing OneZone Single units in up to 30% of the total number of outputs/vents of the house. For Example: If the house has 10 vents, 3 OneZone Single can be installed.

How far from the grill can the thermostat be located?

It can be located up to 50 feet away from the grill. But in order to work properly and detect the right temperature of the room, it should be located near the grill in a place with good air circulation. That’s why we recommend to locate the thermostat 15 feet’s away from the grill.

What size dampers are available?

OneZone Single damper comes in three sizes for round ducts: 6’’, 8’’ and 10’’.

Is there a OneZone Single for square ducts?

No, we are in the process of developing this new product.

How does OneZone Single work?

The user selects the desired temperature, the damper’s gate opens to let hot or cold air (depending on the mode the unit is running), when the selected temperature is reached, the damper’s gate closes automatically. This process is repeated when the temperature changes.

When does the OneZone Single damper close?

Cooling mode: It closes when the temperature of the zone where the OneZone Single is installed is lower than the selected temperature on the OneZone Single thermostat.
Heating mode: It closes when the temperature of the zone where the OneZone Single is installed is higher than the selected temperature on the OneZone Single thermostat.

Can OneZone Single be installed in a two grills room?

If both grills are for air supply, you can install two OneZone Single dampers, but only one thermostat. The thermostat needs to be located equidistant from both grills. So when the temperature is set on the thermostat, the two dampers will get the IR signal, and adjust the temperature of the room. The same happens for a zone that has 3 grills.

Does OneZone Single work with either air conditioning or heating?

Yes. The user just needs to select cooling mode or heating mode as desired. The sun icon on the screen refers to Heating Mode, and the Star to Cooling mode.

If my OneZone Single is closed, will the air supply continue flowing?

Yes, even when OneZone Single is completely closed, it will still allow approximately 7% of the normal air supply in order to control humidity and maintain the appropriate minimum temperature.

Why is it energy saving?

With OneZone Single the user will be able to regulate the airflow so the air will go to the areas where it’s needed. The main thermostat will achieve the desired temperature faster and earlier, using less energy.

How long do the batteries last?

The damper’s batteries last a year. The thermostat’s batteries last 2 years. Approximately.

What type of batteries does OneZone Single use?

The damper uses 2 regular C batteries, and the thermostat 2 regular AAA batteries.

How do I know if I have to change the batteries?

In the damper a small red light located in the IR receiver will blink once in a while. When it starts blinking the user will have at least two weeks to change the batteries. Also, the thermostat will show a low bat icon.

Is it possible to program the thermostat?

Yes, it is possible to program three time schedules on the thermostat. To create this schedules please follow the instructions shown on the video listed below:

Is it noisy?

No, OneZone Single is very quiet.

What comes with every OneZone Single kit?

The OneZone Single kit includes the damper, the thermostat, and the batteries.

Does the product come with a guarantee?

OneZone Single comes with a 2 year guarantee against defects.

OneZone VRF

Which Inverter (VRF and split) brands is the Communication Gateway available for?

OneZone VRF Communication Gateway is available for:

  • Toshiba
  • LG
  • Fujitsu
  • Hitachi
  • Mitsubishi
  • Daikin
  • Panasonic

How do I know that my indoor unit will be compatible with OneZone VRF Communications Gateway?

We can provide a list of indoor units compatible with OneZone VRF Communication Gateways.

How many zones can be controlled with one OneZone VRF?

Up to 10 zones.

How does OneZone VRF make the VRF System more efficient?

Since we have control of the Indoor Unit through the Communication Gateway, we have a better understanding of each zone demand. The user can chose how proficient is the performance of the unit by means of efficiency algorithms.

Do I need a bypass damper?

No, we have control of the Indoor Unit through the Communication Gateway. Depending on the real demand, we can vary the fan speed and even turn the unit off.

Are the dampers on/off or modulating?

OneZone VRF motorized dampers can be configured as modulating. They will open or close in 4 steps.

What’s the difference with VAV?

VAV boxes are more difficult to install, to commission and to maintain. OneZone VRF with its modulating dampers and controlling the fan speed provides the needed airflow continuously.

What happens if I close all of the dampers?

Since there is no zone calling demand, the fan will be stopped.

Can I connect OneZone VRF with another Building Automation System (BMS) different from ModBus or BACnet, such as Crestron or LonWorks?

Yes, our ModBus port can be connected to Crestron, KNX, LonWorks, etc.

Why is the installation and maintenance costs budget going to decrease if I add VRF to my Inverter (VRF and Split) installation?

When you have an Inverter installation you have mini splits or cassettes in each zone. Therefore, each zone needs refrigerant piping, electric points, water drainage, filters, etc. If we replace these cassettes or mini splits by our zone dampers, we need less material and the installation is faster. Plus, our dampers need less maintenance than these complex devices.

What items do I need to add OneZone VRF to my installation?

You need a Main Board with a Communication Gateway, a Blueface master Thermostat, a wired or wireless damper for each zone, and a Tacto Zone thermostat per zone. Depending on the size of the zone it can have more than one damper. One Tacto thermostat can control more than one damper.

Are OneZone VRF controllers wired?

OneZone VRF has the option of wireless and wired zone thermostats. The only thermostat that needs to be wired is the main controller Blueface.

Does the product come with a guarantee?

OneZone VRF comes with a 2 year guarantee against defects.